​The Dorchester


Exterior Facade of St. Margaret's Church via

Columbia Road, Dorchester. 

​Saint Margaret’s Church Beautification Project

Now known as Saint Teresa of Calcutta Parish

Place of Purpose

As Saint Margaret’s Church approaches its 125th year since inception,

it is our intention to celebrate the legacy and significance of the Church

through the restoration of numerous stained-glass windows and the

revitalization of the landscape at the Columbia Road entrance.

Previously, the three stained-glass windows behind the altar and the

two large stained-glass windows along the side entrance ramps were

restored. The remainder of the stained-glass windows also require

immediate attention to avoid any internal damage from water penetration

and to be fully restored to exhibit their beauty.


Complete as many of the following improvements in the order listed below:

     A. Restore the eight large stained-glass windows on the side walls of the Nave and the small stained-glass windows in the  Northern front entrance foyers of the
 church, as well as paint and patch the exterior frames of these windows.
     B. Landscape the Columbia Road entrance islands with a granite enclosure wall along with new plantings and irrigation.
     C. Revitalize the surrounding garden where the Statue of Mary is located and incorporate new plantings and lighting.
     D. Restore the three large stained-glass windows above the center main entrance door on Columbia Road.
     E. Replace the existing fence surrounding the Statue of Mary gardens.

Reasons for Support

Saint Margaret’s Parish has played an integral role throughout the entirety of many of our lives. From Baptisms to First Communions to Confirmations to Weddings to Celebrations of Life, we, our friends, and families of multiple generations have experienced firsthand the depth of connection and love that the church and community offer and embrace.   

The Dorchester Foundation was founded by the Clark Family, who were born and raised in Dorchester. The Dorchester Foundation was objectively created to be a supportive effort for the Dorchester community as well as charitable organizations within the Greater Boston Area. It is our vision to be a liaison and an asset for the Dorchester community. We encourage all to make contributions to the Dorchester Foundation at any time, with the knowledge that every dollar donated to this specific fund will be utilized on the work proposed above.

We believe Saint Margaret’s Church was and continues to play a crucial and central role within the community. It is a place of peace – it offers individuals a calming space to pray and reflect on life. Many friendships are rooted in the Church; various communal events and activities have been offered throughout the years to both young and old parishioners as well as friends. Saint Margaret’s has always remained loyal to the parish and the Greater Boston community as the reach of Saint Margaret’s has expanded to welcome people from surrounding parishes, which have been closed.

Community Participation

The Dorchester Foundation is in the process of finalizing the work scope and pricing for the complete project. Timing of project inception will be determined by the success in raising funds. Our related construction firm will oversee and manage the subcontractors on the project at no cost.

All donations made for the revitalization of Saint Margaret’s will be spent entirely on this project – no overhead or unrelated expenses will be expunged from donations; those, as well as the oversight of the work, will be covered separately in their entirety by our family and our family businesses. The Clark Families are making the initial donations for this project of $200,000.00.

We invite all Dorchester residents and businesses, present and former, to participate in this opportunity to help fund the St. Margaret’s Church project. Any donation you can give in aiding the advancement of the project will be sincerely valued and appreciated. No matter the size, every donation is significant and demonstrates your support for the parish and its community.  

We are grateful for your support and look forward to sharing the restoration and revitalization progress with you along the way!